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Thermal imaging inspection of electric equipment

Thermal imaging inspection is often underestimated, they believe that following the periodicity of repairs and inspections one can avoid abnormal situations and equipment failures but some defects are difficult to discover making technical maintenance with standard means. For instance, innertank damages of power transformers at the initial stages are not recorded by protection relay but they may be determined with overheating or irregular heating of oil.

The places of overheating of contacts, inputs, tyres, electric engines and other power equipment may be discovered very quickly and without downtime by thermal imaging method.

This IR image shows a “hot” connection (measured temperature is 225°C) in a substation. A thermal imager allows to immediately fix a defect if any. The electric connection was damaged by the storm, as a result of which the contact was re-welded up to the supporting bracket of an isolator.

Overheating of a head.

Release of excessive heat in a distribution transformer took place as a result of appearance of an inner defect and low level of oil.

Cold heat radiation fins as a result of low level of oil in a transformer.

The park of our devices includes a thermal imager Fluke Ti32 (manufactured on the basis of a high resolution detector 320 х 240 points with resolution at temperature: 0,05С) and a pyrometer Calvin 200PLC (with viewfinding indicator 1:300). The devices are annually checked at the centers of standardization, metrology and certification.

Our specialists are ready to perform works on control of the condition of:

  • all the types of contact joints on outdoor switchgears and in closed switchgears
  • detachable contact joints of disconnecting switches
  • inner contact joints of switch chamber
  • bus bridges and supporting metallic constructions
  • suspension and supporting porcelain insulators
  • power transformers
  • oil switches
  • valve-type arresters and surge arresters
  • instrument current transformers
  • voltage measuring transformers
  • coupling capacitors
  • high frequency rejectors
  • other electric equipment

According to the results of inspection a technical report will be provided, it will contain some pictures of the inspected equipment in infrared spectrum, obtained data decoding with indication of temperatures of maximally heated areas and instructions on removal of any defects discovered. If required the originals of the pictures in electronic format will be transferred.

The benefits of thermal imaging inspection of electric equipment are:

  • the shortest term of work performance;
  • non-intervention into a technological process as the works are performed without any stoppage of the equipment;
  • visual results of inspection;
  • determining of the necessity to make repair and replace the equipment basing on its factual condition.

The periodicity of thermal imaging control is established according to the requirements СОУ-Н-ЕЕ 20.302:2007.

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